About the Program

Applications for the 2023 program are now open.

Updated program information due to new regulations can be found by clicking the button below.

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The program consists of four competition based design challenges. Participants are placed into small teams ranging from five to nine students supported by two older student facilitators. Students must work together to overcome limited time and resources to complete a variety of challenges. Facilitators will aid the participants through design challenges and teamwork struggles.

Leadership Advantage allows students to develop their leadership skills and knowledge about opportunities at Michigan State University before classes begin. Teambuilding exercises, hands-on design projects, and student bonding activities help participants grow. The program allows for students to adjust to this new stage in their life along with their fellow Spartan Engineers.

Focuses of the Program

    • Developing personal leadership and communication skills that are critical to engineering success.
    • Providing awareness of leadership opportunities and engineering resources available on campus.
    • Enhancing teamwork skills through design projects and exercises, providing great student bonding opportunities.
    • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner provided each day
    • Project Design Competitions, Teambuilding, and Leadership Exercises
    • Early move in to the dorms (avoid the crazy rush of move in day!)
    • Resume Building Workshop, Cyclotron Tour, and Dairy Store Ice Cream!
    • End of Program Banquet

Incoming students are selected to participate in Leadership Advantage through an application process available on our website. To be considered for the program, one must be an incoming MSU freshman studying engineering. The program costs will be at max $200 but likely will be less, as it includes early move in costs, all meals, and a t-shirt at the end of the program. Payment information will be sent out to accepted participants.

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